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Mr. Opera shares the success stories carpet cleaners have with their business.

Tile Cleaning By Super Clean

September 7th, 2014

Many homeowners need Super Clean’s tile cleaning services because professional cleaning procedures eliminate stains, odors, and allergens. Although homeowners can handle minor stains, a professional cleaner should be hired whenever a tile surface has a stain that is several years old. Old stains require strong cleaners, and professional cleaning technicians have access to these cleaners. Household cleaners cannot remove very old stains.

Our technicians use chemical cleaners, steamers, and vacuum machines during tile cleaning projects. After our technicians complete a cleaning task, a sealant will be applied to the tile surface. The sealant is important because it blocks new stains. Our technicians usually complete tile cleaning projects within two to three hours. However, the size of the cleaning location could increase the overall cleaning time.

Why Homeowners Hire Super Clean Carpet Care Technicians. We use high quality cleaning equipment during all cleaning projects. Our services are valuable because homeowners cannot buy or rent the equipment that we use. We tackle tile cleaning projects everyday, so our technicians understand how to clean the toughest stains. After we finish a cleaning project, we provide advice that helps homeowners maintain their tile surfaces. Maintaining tile surfaces is important because the home will be more valuable if it is ever sold.